Why You Need a Colour Consultant

When it comes to design and décor, colour is the most visible element. If you were to pick the wrong colours, the blunder would be a visible one for any to see.

That’s how important colours are in design and in any form of décor.

Designs shown on social media, magazines, and on TV can sometimes be misleading. This is so because cameras, screens, and print tend to tamper with the original look of colours.

Therefore, relying on these platforms alone for your choice of colours for your design or décor project may not be the best move.

This is where colour consultation comes in. A colour consultant shows how your choice of colours will come out when you use it.

So, before you make the mistake of using the wrong colours, they help you see for yourself how it will turn out when used.

The good news is that Dulux has made it possible for you to enjoy free colour consultation with their renowned colour consultants for all your design and décor needs.

Who is a Colour Consultant?

A colour consultant is someone who is skilled at using colour to the best effect.

The duty of a colour consultant is to direct architects, private domestic clients, textile manufacturers, and interior designers on the right colours to use and how to utilise them to achieve a defined purpose.

They are familiar with colour theory and have wide knowledge in technical areas like fabric production processes, dyes, paints, fabrics, as well as surface treatments for different ceiling and wall finishes.

Also, they have the ability to harness colour designs for projects, from start to finish.

As experts, they can create beautiful colour designs that enamour and engage us. It is not as easy as it seems, a lot of work goes into it.

The entire process is a blend of colour psychology, demographic statistics, current trends, and colour design theories to form an informed solution that everyone can engage with.

The summary of this is that a colour consultant is an expert in breaking down the complex effects of colour in order to create solutions for clients.

Reasons You Should Talk to a Colour Consultant

1. Saves You Time

Imagine the time it will take you to figure out how you’re going to make your space look exactly the way you want it. From measuring space to selecting colours, picking samples, and more, putting your space together is time-consuming.

But you can save all that time by leaning into the guidance of a professional colour consultant.

2. A Professional Eye

Because colour consultants are well-trained experts, they understand a lot more than you may realise about colours and design.

This means that their insights range from understanding the moods a room can give off to evaluating your light sources.

They are great at personalising experiences with using tidbits about each client along with their vast experience. You can expect a thorough breakdown of the most suitable colours, materials, and tools that will make the entire project come out exquisitely.

3. Saves You Money

Just as getting professional colour consultation saves you time, it also saves you a lot of money.

It may not seem like it but if you were to try to understand and get your space done by yourself with a lot of trial and error, you would definitely have to spend a lot on the mistake you’re bound to make.

However, with the expert opinion of a colour consultant, you get to know what materials and tools to use. If you’re lucky, you may also get access to cost-effective and budget-friendly vendors that will do great work without having you break the bank!

Why You Should Book a Dulux Colour Consultancy Session


We have three words for you: the Dulux Experience.

We want you to have the best experience, getting the right results tailored to your needs. Here are some advantages you’ll gain by getting a consultation with us:


A Vast Portfolio

Each of our consultants has an impressive portfolio and they are armed with the knowledge of colour and design to turn any space from drab to dapper!

A Personal Experience

With each client, we offer a personalised experience based on their preferences of style and their décor needs.


It’s Totally Free!

Our colour consultants are 100 percent free despite our attractive portfolio. We are ready to listen to everything you need and ensure you get the best service and advice on the right colour for your décor or designs.

You also get value back for whatever time you spend with us.

Ready to get started?

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