Using Floral Decorations: An Age-Old Trend


Floral decorations are in this season! 


Did You Know?


Plant patterns have always been a classic in the world of interior decoration. Being a major aspect of nature, flowers add an organic element while giving elegance to the space decorated.


You are guaranteed to experience sparks of joy, feelings of romance, and the fresh scent of pleasure when you use flowers.


What is Floral Decoration?


Florid decoration (which we generally call floral) is the simple art of embellishing indoor or outdoor space with plant material. These decorations have been associated with human history for a long time.


Egypt has the reputation of using flowers since the earliest times in human history. The Egyptians started decorating with flowers as early as 2500 BC. The Greeks and the Romans also used a lot of flowers.


The Chinese used flowers for decorations as early as 207 BC. The common flowers used included hyacinths, honeysuckle, violets, and lilies. Tulips, marigolds, and larkspur were also used. 


From curtains to table cloths, to wallpapers, florid patterns can be used on almost any surface or material.


Why Floral Décor is Good for You…


Here are a few reasons why you should use floral decorations in your space:


Positive Energy and Stress Reduction


Decorating your house with flowers contributes positive energy and a feeling of being one with nature.


If you’d like a natural means to boost the look and the atmosphere of your home, floral decorations are for you!


Also, studies have shown that the scent and – get this – the novelty of plants in a space helps to calm nerves, thereby reducing stress levels greatly. 


Florals Mix Well with Other Patterns



Surprisingly, florals go well with other patterns such as stripes, plaids, and checks. They also pair great with solids in complementary colours. You can combine small-scale and large-scale floral patterns with common colours in each design to ensure a harmonious result.


Decorating with Flowers Adds Fragrance and Colour



Fresh flowers have a naturally appealing fragrance that augments the air quality in any home.  This is true whether you choose to leave them outside untouched or you decide to make a floral arrangement with a centrepiece in your home. 


As a plus, they will liven up your space, regardless of their type. Flowers – or the illusion of – can bring life to even the most run-down home with their vibrant bursts of colour.


Using Flowers Can Improve Your Mood


During special occasions, flowers are the perfect way to show how we feel because they symbolise emotions like hope, joy, healings, new births/beginnings, etc.


You can use blooms to improve people’s moods as they are prone to lending the feeling of light-heartedness and cheer.

Floral Decorations Give Your Space a Natural Look


If you’re looking for a way to make your space feel more natural and airy with an outdoorsy twist, you’re right to go with floral decorations.


How to Use Florals


There are many ways to use floral decorations in your indoor or outdoor space and we’ll share a few tips with you.

If you’re adorning the inside of your home, you can 


Use Floral Wallpapers


A Vintage Floral Wallpaper


It is easy to get tired of plain patterns in a home and flowery wallpapers can be your easy substitute. Timeless articles of wall adornment, they can be changed at regular intervals and rotated with modern and vintage floral patterns. 


A floral wallpaper will give your living room or bedroom a theme and suit your mood and/or personality. 


Floral Throw Pillows


One of the few decorative elements that you can play with when infusing floral in your home décor is throw pillows. 


Floral Throw Pillows for Decoration


Customised pillows are getting easier to make by the day so you can use floral fabric to cover your pillows. This could make them stand out on plain coloured cushions, couches, settees or even your bed. 


Decorate with Floral Centrepieces


Floral centrepiece in Asian vase


As we have established, flowers are age-old. What better way to introduce a vintage feel than a wonderful efflorescent arrangement on your centre or dining room table? The only thing chic-er would be a darling diamond chandelier.


But if you’re working outside, 


Grow Your Flowers Right


Blooming Flower Garden


Gardens are the next thing to paradise on earth. The greenery, blooming flowers and lovely labyrinth create a perfect scene for rest, and isn’t that what we are all looking for? 


If you’re a gardening enthusiast or you’d like to be, you can use gardening resources to learn the best flowers that bloom in different seasons and other pertinent information. 

Build a Gazebo with Flowers


A gazebo with flowers


If you need the perfect selfie or relaxation spot outdoors, then you sure need a flowery gazebo.



Use Flowerpots Creatively


Flowerpots on a Windowsill


Centrepieces don’t only make inner spaces look fab; if it’s even possible, they make outer spaces feel more “outsy.” 


You can make a nice arrangement of orchids and carnations for your outdoor balcony table or simply assemble some birds of paradise in a flowerpot, assembling flowers under your window sill and you’re good to go!


Extra Tips on Floral Decorations…


Incorporating floral to your décor can bring brightness and joy into your home.


Traditional choices include chintz and botanical print but contemporary designs are available too, including abstract patterns that sometimes barely look like leaves or flower petals. Many of today’s floral designs are totally up to date with current decorating styles.


Depending on what print you choose, florals can create a feminine and delicate mood or make a bold statement.


Give your home a flower delivery that promises to get noticed. Floral patterns will fill your home with character and originality.