The Best Paint for Your Bathroom

Painting a bathroom is probably nothing new.

It is taken for granted when we walk into a house that is painted that the bathroom will be painted too.

Most people simply go about trying to choose a suitable colour for their bathrooms. They want something to go with the tiles they have installed. But not a lot of people think about the type of paint they should use in the bathroom.

Don’t be like them.

Why You Should Paint Your Bathroom

Giving your bathroom paint more than a passing thought is important.

Everyone likes a neat bathroom. We may not spend a lot of time there compared to other parts of the house but bathrooms are significant spaces. If for nothing else, most of our personal hygiene rituals and routines are carried out there. A person’s bathroom tells a lot about them.

Because your bathroom is an inadvertent reflection of you, we want you to know a few things about why you should paint it:

Your bathroom is the most wet place in your house.

That means the only place that gathers more moisture is outside—when it rains.

With the right kind of paint, you can pre-empt the long-term effects of damp and rising moisture levels in your bathroom walls, saving you huge repair costs.

Tiles are the generally known fixture in bathrooms but paints are a worthy alternative. Here’s why: Tiles rarely stretch out over every part of the bathroom. The trims and lower levels beneath the tub are sometimes filled with cement. Tiles are also more expensive to install.

Painting your bathroom is a cost effective substitute to tiling, and

It comes out so pretty!

Depending on the colours of your choice, you can really paint a mood in your bathroom and make it personal in a way that can only be achieved with Dulux paint.

Beautifully painted bathroom

Now you know why you ought to paint your bathroom. Let’s walk through the kinds of paint you should look out for when shopping for bathroom paints.

Enamel Paints

Enamel paint generally refers to paint that air-dries to a hard, glossy finish.

First of all, this paint is a great economical alternative to tiling. It gives the same protection to your walls that tiles would and is much cheaper to change after a few years than paint.

Because of the hard, glossy finish, Dulux Gloss paint is easy to clean as it can withstand repeated washing and most solvents.

It is completely non-toxic so when your kids directly or accidentally come in contact with the paint, it is safe.

You can apply Dulux Glossl with a roller, two coats of which should be applied within 6 hours of drying time.

Silk/Satin Paints

Silk paints are generally water-based paint with a satin or, in some cases, mid-sheen finish.

Bathroom painted in green with satin finish

You can use silk or satin to paint your bathroom because it is resistant to and can withstand a lot of moisture.

With silk, your bathroom will not be affected by changing temperatures and the paint will last long. Because bathrooms rack up a lot of moisture, the walls and ceilings are susceptible to mould and rising damp.

When this paint dries, it becomes hard and easily wipeable. Apart from Dulux Trade Vinyl Silk and Dulux Silk Emulsion, there are some silk paints like Luxurious Silk which are stain resistant. It makes it easy to maintain without the aftereffects of those annoying bathroom stains that can stay on walls and tiles for long.

For protection of the entire space, you should also use it to paint the trims around the edges of your bathroom walls and ceilings. Also, if there are any imperfections in your walls, this paint will also do a great job of covering them up for you.

When you want to apply this paint, you can use a roller, a brush or a spray. It requires 2 coats in between drying time of anywhere between 2 and 4 hours.

After painting, we advise you to wait 24 hours before taking a shower in order to let the paint dry completely hard otherwise any water on the wet walls will make the paint run.

Eggshell Paints

Eggshell is a pleasant kind of paint that swims right there between glossy and mid-sheen.

It sounds like a fragile kind of paint but it’s anything but! Eggshell cures to a hard film that protects interior surfaces, a great fit for bathroom walls and trims.

Dulux Eggshell is also fantastic for decorative finishes so you can use it to paint your bathroom cabinets.

It isn’t overly shiny but it is just shiny enough to give off a great reflection in the bathroom, especially with the right kind of light and in a vanity mirror (hi, ladies).

Dulux Eggshell paint will give your bathroom beauty and an easily wipeable look that you will enjoy for time to come because it can withstand repeated washing.

When you apply Dulux Eggshell in your bathroom, use a brush or roller. You should wait 4 to 6 hours in between coats (two applications). For a hard dry, wait at least 16 hours and at most 24 hours.

For ideas on the best colours you can get in these paints, please explore our website and use the live chat feature to make your inquiries.

We hope you enjoy your bathroom in all its glory and neatness!