Styling Your Own Space

When you walk into a space, the aesthetic combination of colours, art, and decorations largely describe the emotions, mood, and interests of the space owner.

Space styling involves harmonising the various elements that constitute an interior or exterior space in a certain manner. That’s why it’s important that when you want to decorate your space, it should reflect your taste, style, and personal preferences.

In this article, we’ll be taking you through how to bring in your personal style into your space and make it into the bespoke haven you’ve always been day-dreaming about.

Interior space with minimalist style

1. Discover Your Personal Style

The first key to bringing on your A-game when styling your personal space? Discover your personal style!

There are a great number of resources that you should consult to help you decipher this. From surfing the internet for DIY YouTube video content to gathering style inspiration on Pinterest. You could also collect interior décor pieces that tickle your fancy. There’s so much that can inspire and influence your personal style choices.

After you have explored your resource bank, design a mood board.

Mood boards are a collection of the visual ideas that capture your attention in your course of searching for the style that best suits you. Using this tool, you can have a complete mental picture of what your space would be after designing it. You can have either a physical or virtual mood board – or both.

Also, a plethora of interior design styles abound that will also help you decide which style best resonates with you. So whether it’s contemporary, eclectic, vintage, industrial or something different, identifying your style is pertinent to working magic on your space.


2. Pay Attention to Your Budget as You Style

Another important factor in styling your space is your budget.

Certain objects that will constitute your personal space like furniture and décor pieces which come in various qualities and prices are designed in different colours, shapes and sizes. As such, your budget and your interior needs must align.

To successfully pass the budget test, create an interior décor list. This list will serve as a guide to the entirety of the things you want and those that you need to design your space.

Prioritise the items you need for your interior project over those that you want or simply fancy. This way, the funds that you have are channelled towards the purchase of essential décor items like rugs and furniture.

If you’d love to style your space to your absolute taste, consider saving up for the other items you want. Finally, stick to your décor budget. A little more discipline is required here for you to ensure that you get the best interior makeover that you desire.


3. Create Colourful Expressions

An aspect that must not be overlooked when styling your space is your choice of colours.

Colourful home style

The colours you choose to reflect your style cut across your furniture, accessories, and surfaces.

Depending on the colours you love most, select a colour palette that makes an emotional statement. At Dulux, we have colour consultants who can assist you in creating the right colour scheme, based on the décor style you’d love to adopt. They can also suggest other décor items that will blend with the colours you choose for your surfaces.


4. Style your Space with Accents

If you are the type that likes to lay emphasis on your statement just so others get the point, then this is for you.

Accents are anything placed in conspicuous places within your space that make your entire décor stand out. Yes, exactly like this photo.

Stylish accent wall in bedroom space

They could also include your curtains, paint colour or even a piece of art in your living room. You could use them at the entrance of your space as a decorative lamp or as a vase on the cabinet in the lobby area.

So for that next décor project you’ve been thinking about, consider exploring accents to jazz up your style.


5. Style from the Outside In

Nature is all around us but bringing a little of the outside in can add volume to your style.

Wooden furniture, potted plants, and other nature-inspired elements are some good options you could consider when beautifying your space.

Also, you can create patterns and colours that are nature-related like art paintings and murals.

Nature inspired style

Overall, your style is all about what you consider catchy, admirable and welcoming.

Remember to do your due diligence from start to finish as this will give off a confident vibe about you and your space. There are various design features you can opt for and experiment with when you do this.

Finally, don’t hesitate to employ the services of professionals when designing your space. This would produce the quality outcome that befits you.