Simple Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom

Decorating your bedroom can be a tedious task for many reasons. Various factors ranging from space to resources affect decoration decisions. Many times you are tempted to just give up and go, “Bed on the left, wardrobe on the right. The end.” Then toss everything else wherever you can find space.

But your bedroom deserves a little more thought than that.

Enter Bedroom 101, your crash course on the basic things you need to know if you’re going to be decorating your bedroom.

For the greater portion of the population, the bedroom is a really personal part of their home. It’s the place where you keep most if not all your valuables and precious things. Your bedroom is also where you sleep and/or rest. And, naturally, you’d unwind there, too. For some, it’s where you shoot your Tik Tok videos and sometimes take your video calls.

See why designing that bedroom requires your attention?

Before you think about the hundreds of thousands or millions you feel you must spend to get a worthy bedroom, consider these basics first.

Decorate Your Bedroom Space with Style

There are lots of decoration styles – natural, traditional, eclectic, cottage, minimalist, maximalist, and more – that you can explore. But before you decide on a style, survey the space you have to work with. There are certain design styles that will work ridiculously well just because a space is large but when you try to fit it in a small space, the spelling of the result will be D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R.

It also works the other way around. A design style could do well in a small space but when not done right in a large space, it could look like it’s just struggling.

You don’t want to crowd your bedroom in such a way that diminishes the goal of rest and relaxation in your space. But neither do you want an under-furnished and frail-looking bedroom that lacks the spark of life.

Visit your consultant and ask what they think after you have decided on the style that suits your space.

Light and Colours are Good for Bedroom Decoration

This should come right after you’ve decided on a style because you’re already setting the stage for the look.

Light shouldn’t be the last thing you think about when decorating your bedroom. That could cost you.

You need to be able to see the distribution of light, ensure it is even and suited to your taste. This also extends to the kind of paint you use and the colours involved.

For younger and more energetic people who do not mind bright lights, you can situate lights directly above the bed or use fixtures that do not dim or cover the light. This would also reflect in the colours you choose to work with in the bedroom.

Cool colours would be best for those who like a brightly lit space. From beddings to walls, you can incorporate blue and purple hues or greens even.

To top it off, you can have your walls painted with Dulux Silk Emulsion or Dulux Gloss.

For bedrooms for older people and light sensitive persons, you might want to go with neutrals or warm colours. Softer and darker tones on the walls with fixtures that regulate brightness are perfect here. The browns, beiges, greys, or warm oranges and rust colours make it just warm enough to relax.


Yes, the bed!

Subconsciously, we know that the bed is the main thing in a bedroom (it is called a BED-room, y’all) but consciously, we don’t necessarily factor it into our decorating decisions.

Most people just think, I want a big bed. Or, I want a waterbed.

But how does that fit in with the overall look of your bedroom?

Listen, you don’t want a bed that takes up three-quarters of your space, leaving you with a tiny space for you to do the rest of your decorating in. Think of your bed as a major decorative element in your space, then proceed to use it well.

Your beddings – sheets, pillows and pillowcases, duvets and/or blankets – are a whole set of décors on their own. With beddings that match and nearly nothing else, you could make a wow statement in your bedroom.

Also, get a bed that would fit into the room in the right proportion. A bed that can comfortably sit in the middle of the room leaving enough space on either side works. So does a bed that you can fit in a corner and give your space a healthy angular look.

Include Storage when Decorating


The “where will I keep this and that?” moment.

Remember those precious things you keep in your bedroom? They need a place to stay. And you have to provide them a place.

Storage ought not be an afterthought. It should be planned along with the rest of your décor and the storage you plan for your bedroom matters.

What’s your closet, aka wardrobe, situation like? Is it too big or too small and how are you managing it?

Where do your shoes and your books sleep? How will you store your belts, bags, and wigs? And what about your jewelry? Those excess boxes that came with the ceremony of marrying, where did you stuff them? And are you keeping your laundry on your chair?

Storage helps your bedroom look as neat as it should so that the beauty can always show. In fact, you can make your storage stylish and add it to the design of the room.

If your space is not large enough for floor storage, i.e. floor drawers and such, you can do fancy multi-purpose shelves. Your wardrobe can survive a minimalist look that helps make the room chic and neat.

And no, that extra chair isn’t for your dirty clothes. A floating laundry bag can work. Better yet, move all that laundry into a nice basket that closes and keeps smell away.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Bedroom Decoration

The final flourish.

After the basics have been considered, it’s time to bring in your personal touches to the bedroom.

Are you a plant person? Hopefully, with your storage right and your bed not taking up all the space, you have some room left for a few potted plants now.

If knick knacks are your kick, now you can set a few things atop your shelves and make them a sweet part of the overall look.

Or maybe art and mirrors are your speed, now you know where to place them without making your space look overstuffed.

And there you have it!

All the basic know-how for decorating your bedroom.

With these tips, you can plan a reasonable budget, include DIY options, and have a comfortable bedroom you’ll love.

We’d love to see how these tips help you so leave us a comment here or on our social pages.