Simple Tips to Style Your Kitchen

Looking for simple tips on how to style your kitchen?

The kitchen is the heart of the home; that is a cliché for a reason. 

Kitchens are often high-traffic areas, so regardless of how much space is available, they need to be set up to accommodate regular use.

Tip 1: Optimise space!

A key tip to style is space optimisation

There are different layouts to consider when it comes to how much kitchen space is available.

A smart but simple tip is to optimise space

For small kitchen spaces, you can utilize the galley arrangement.

Simply put, arrange your appliances, cabinets and preparation spaces in one strip (along one wall) so that efficiency and convenience is topmost. It is usual to place your refrigerator at the end of this strip.

Slightly larger kitchens can employ more walls in an L shape for cabinetry, food preparation and storage.

Larger kitchen spaces can have a free-standing counter called an island along with other arrangements.

Your goal should be to make use of your entire kitchen surfaces. If you have a tiny kitchen, don’t forget that everything is already feeling very close together that way, so pay attention to how you can make your kitchen feel big

How to create more space in your kitchen:

  • Go for open-front kitchen cabinets instead of those expensive custom cabinets with so many dividers and drawers- they might appear like they create more space. They eventually restrict the versatility of the storage.
  • Let go of the pull-out waste bin: Feel free to do away with pull-out waste bins. These types of trash cans occupy so much space. Also, you can utilize the room under your kitchen sink, where it occupies for so many other purposes.
  • Opt for smaller trash cans: Strategically place a small waste bin on one end of the kitchen. It will provide more room and indeed make you empty the trash more often. Taking the waste out frequently will make the kitchen smell better. 
  •  Go for smaller sinks: Don’t go for a big apron-front kitchen sink just because you want to have it. Large sinks will take up valuable counter space. So, go for smaller sinks instead. 

Tip 2 : The Kitchen Triangle!

Image Source: Pexels

This is also known as zoning.

There are three zones to consider in your kitchen: your sink (wash zone) countertops and refrigerator (prep zone), and around your oven (cooking zone).  

This simply means that to style your kitchen for effective use, these three elements should form an imaginary triangle. 

You should be able to move easily between these zones as ease of use is topmost priority here. This might not be easily feasible in the galley kitchen arrangement, but efficiency can still be achieved through how you configure these elements and how far apart they are.

Tip 3: Ventilation!

An important tip when styling your kitchen is to make room for air.

Ensure you have proper ventilation in your kitchens such as windows placed above the sink and for those who have the luxury of space, large glass doors come into play here.

Other practical considerations like systems or appliances for removing smoke and odours such as extractors may be required.

It is also necessary to watch where you keep your waste receptacle. It is conventional, for example, to place your waste bin within a cupboard close to the sink, so that food waste can be removed from the dishes before being placed in the sink. 

Tip 4: Clean up!

Kitchen hygiene is super imperative as a rule.

It is important to keep appliances and elements in your kitchen as clean as possible and this should be done as often as is possible.

Wash, rinse and sanitize all food contact surfaces, equipment and utensils before and after each use.

Ensure your water meets potable drinking water standards.

Be sure to keep your food, your food preparation areas (countertops, sinks, ovens) and your storage areas free of rodents and insects.

Tip 5: Safety

Safety is a major tip when you style your kitchen

Image Source: Pexels

Wash your hands!

Ensure appropriate fire safety appliances are within reach!

Supervise the kids! Create ‘off limit’ zones and utensils.

Prevent cross contamination by caring for your hands and cleaning spillages which can be contaminated with bacteria. Its one of the sources of food poisoning!

Wear appropriate clothing!

Learn first aid and teach the kids too!

Tip 6: Explore Other Colours

Style your kitchen with a colour like blue

The final tip when you style your kitchen is to consider various colours.

White kitchens walls are all over the place. A lot of people go for them because they look classic. However, you can explore other paint colours for your kitchen. People are beginning to derive joy and aesthetic satisfaction from others.

Choose other colours for your kitchen wall and appliances. You can go as far as using black. Midnight blues and navy blues are becoming popular too.

However, if you’re going for dark wall colours and do not want your kitchen looking all dark, balance it with kitchen appliances that are lighter.

You can leave the cabinets dark to control stains, but countertops can remain lighter to help to detect stain easily. Also, they are reflective and will help reflect light all over the place.

And that’s it on simple tips to style your kitchen!