Reinvent your room with a bold ceiling

Make a statement with a brightly painted ceiling.

If you’d like to refresh your room but don’t want to completely redecorate, why not try painting your ceiling a bold colour?

The colour you choose will depend on the size and space of your room. If you have low ceilings and want to visually raise your ceiling height, stick to cool, pale colour palette, such as blues, greens and cool neutrals.
If you have high ceilings and wish to create a more intimate feel, opt for hues at the warm end of the spectrum, such as reds, yellows and warm neutrals. Here, a rich shade of rich mulberry brings out the warm colour palette in the taupe feature wall, helping to create a cosy atmosphere.

To allow your ceiling to stand out, opt for understated pieces of furniture and accessories in calm colours.

You could even add in touches of your ceiling colour throughout the space to create a cohesive look. We love how the dark pink sofa in this living room highlights the rich colours of the ceiling, while the dark furniture beautifully complements the taupe feature wall. Enhance the intimate atmosphere by adding soft cushions and a cosy rug underfoot.