How to make a small space look and feel huge

How to Make a Small Space Look and Feel Huge

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could create more out of your small space? It could be your living room, bedroom, kitchen or even your baby’s nursery. 


You could feel boxed in and find it challenging to have friends, family or colleagues at the office visit you due to lack of adequate space.


Do not worry, you’ll be getting the best tips to make your small space more comfortable, magical and inviting.


To make your small space look bigger and less confining, try the following tips for an impressive outlook.


Declutter Your Small Space



 Declutter your home.


Clutter can be a whole baggage of stress, especially when you have a great deal of stuff in your apartment.


You might tend to prioritize other important tasks over clearing out clutter but devoting time to it will not only affect your small space, but it will also afford you time to relax afterwards.


Suitcases, books, paper boxes and other objects littered around your room can give it a smothered and unattractive look. 


Start by stacking objects together. Eliminating clutter in hidden areas always comes to mind but also clearing up your space by removing extraneous materials from the floor and giving out items you no longer need will do the trick. 


This way, your room is not only clean, but you have successfully made it more expansive.


Light Up the Walls of Your Small Space


Paint your walls with bright colours, soft shades or neutrals.


Colours add a pop to your walls, making them warm and welcoming or cool and intimate.


A wide range of Dulux colours abound that beautify both interior and exterior spaces. It is advisable to use bright colours like soft shades of blue, green, yellow and neutrals for interiors. This will make the room look and feel huge to both yourself and a visitor. 


At Dulux Nigeria, we have multiple colour consultants  at our various colour centres nationwide who are skilled at ensuring that you pick the right sets of colours to produce your desired ambience and appearance.


Large Art Images Work in Small Spaces


Large art images in a small room
Image Source: Pexels


In maximizing space in any part of your apartment or office, it is important to be judicious when you set out to arrange your belongings. 


Decorating your walls with creative art paintings is another sure-fire way to create the impression of a large room area.


While small-sized artworks are attractive, they do not encourage making the most of a small space.  Settle for a large art painting that resonates with your personality and evokes certain emotions in you every time you look at it. 


Furniture Arrangement is Vital 


The arrangement of your furniture affects the aesthetics of your space.
Image Source: Pexels


Every room has one form of furniture or the other. You either take a nap or store raw food in them, depending on your activity type or the purpose for which the furniture was designed.


Kitchen shelves, for example, are best hung on the wall or designed to fit under or around the sink area so as not to impede movement in the kitchen. 


However, while shopping for furniture for your living room, for instance, consider picking compact chairs that suit your style and accentuates your interior.


Ensure that you do not place them against the walls, as this defeats the whole idea of conserving space (an exception can be made for the dining area).


With your furniture away from the wall, you give off the impression that there’s more space than meets the eye.


Mirror Equals More Light


Floor-length mirrors hung on the wall of a conspicuous space like the dining room, for instance, supplies a reflection of both internal and external light.


The result is a well-lighted room at all times of the day and some visual manipulation of more space.


Create a Colour Match


Colours can make a small room look and feel huge


Conflicting colours will make your room look busy and lack creativity.  When selecting colours for your curtains, furniture, walls, and art designs, ensure that they complement one another. 


Be careful not to use patterns excessively. For instance, if you paint your wall grey and white, with a little touch of a soft shade of pink, pick furniture, curtains and art designs that match these colours.



Long Curtains and Ceilings


Long curtains and ceilings have a connection – it’s bringing them close to each other that makes your room feel huge.


Simply hang them closer to your ceiling, rather than close to the window frames to achieve that spacious look.


As much as you would love to be more decorative with furniture, colour, and patterns in your small space, understand that simple is beautiful and less is more.


There are lots of other tips that you can explore to free up more space in that small room that appeals to you the most.


Try out the tips we have discussed in this article and you’ll be glad you did!