Layer blue hues for a coastal-inspired look

Recreate seaside bliss with a colour scheme based around aquatic blues.

Out of the blue

Have you ever felt instantly calmed in the presence of water, or noticed your stress levels drop when by the sea? There’s something wonderfully soothing about gazing out over an expanse of water – no wonder so many of us dream about seaside holidays!

Make a splash!

If you’d like to create an oasis of calm in your interior, why not take inspiration from the sea and put together an irresistible colour palette of coastal shades? While blue is an obvious choice for bathroom decor, an aquatic-inspired colour scheme would work equally well for a bedroom or living room decor.

Layer cobalt, ultramarine and aqua for an all-encompassing, blue-lagoon feeling, or dress up a neutral scheme with pops of rich blue to create a resort-style look.