Go for regal purple for a grand bathroom

Contrast dramatic blue with stone hues

Decorating an open-plan living room

Purple, the colour of royalty

Unleash your creativity with purple

Soothe your soul with shades of aqua

Make a statement with intense teal

Is it a bird? Is it a colour? Yes! It’s teal

Go back to basics with deep tranquil teal

Embrace the real appeal of teal

Use coral accents to brighten warm neutrals

Capture the strength and soul of Africa

Use rich neutrals in a modern living room

The little black dress of interior design

Use colour to create a cosy living room

Use cool neutrals for a restful bedroom

Create a rustic look with warm neutrals

Soften hard edges with gentle neutrals

Turn your bathroom into a spa oasis

Create a bathroom sanctuary with crisp white

Dazzle the senses with sparkling sapphire blue

Layer blue hues for a coastal-inspired look

Choose one colour for maximum impact

Add a blue punch to a rustic bathroom

Don’t hold back with paint effects

Blend greens for a calm study space

Blend green shades for an elegant hallway

Inspire intimate dining with soft colours

Create a soothing and serene kitchen

Give vintage pieces a refreshing backdrop

Invigorate a space with zesty lime green

Add impact to a kids’ room with lime green

Make a lively statement with lime

Lime, the life-saving colour

Expect the unexpected with lime

Need to unwind? Surround yourself with gentle hues

Mix it up with a bright feature ceiling

Welcome sunshine into your dining space

Reinvent your living room with sunny yellow

Inject a shot of glamour with deep teal

Decorate with yellow for instant warmth

Autumn’s blaze of golden glory

Channel the past with classic sepia tones

Entertain in style with Copper Orange

Relax in style with warm Copper Orange

Get a global vibe with warm, earthy shades

Shine bright with Copper Orange

Be inspired by Impressionist orange

Add a splash of sunshine with tropical coral

Give a happy welcome to guests with ochre

Make a statement with striking scarlet

Use dusky pink to create an intimate mood

The most flattering shade of white

Opt for soft white in a country kitchen

Create a focal point with a splash of sumptuous red

Add spice to your life with vibrant pinks

Soothe the senses with warm whites

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