How to paint an oval wall design in 5 easy steps

A step-by-step guide to painting graphic shapes on your walls

• A tin of your chosen paint

• Paint roller – use a small roller if you’re making a small oval

• Paint tray

• A sheet of paper that is bigger than the size of oval you want to create

• Masking tape

• Pencil

• Chalk

• Paintbrush

• Scissors



Step 1: Choose your base

First make sure you’re happy with the background colour of your wall. If it needs a fresh colour, now’s the time to do it. Not sure which shade to go with? Download the Dulux Visualizer app to picture your preferred paint instantly on your walls. Once you’ve applied your new background colour and the paint is dry, you’re ready to create your oval.


Step 2: Draw an oval

Lightly use your pencil to draw an oval shape on your sheet of paper and then cut out the shape.


Step 3: Tape the oval to the wall

Use small pieces of masking tape to tack the oval into the desired position on the wall.


Step 5: Apply your paint

Use your paintbrush to apply paint around the inner edge of your oval, before using your paint roller to fill in the rest of the oval. You have your finished oval.


Unsure what colours will work best for your oval wall design? Do a virtual test on the walls in your home with the Dulux Visualizer app.