How to make the most of leftover paint

Learn how to dispose of leftover paint safely – the eco-friendly way.

1) Before you start painting, calculate how much paint you actually need to finish your project. Using less paint will not only help you save money, you’ll be playing a part in protecting the planet.

2) If you still end up with leftover paint, can you re-use it? Storing leftover paint is easy as long as you keep the tins away from direct sunlight and in a dry environment. If you only have a small amount remaining, pour the leftover paint into old jam jars and store in a safe, dry place.

Tip: Leftover whites? Mix them together and use as base coat next time you decorate.

3) Someone else can use it? You could pass it on to neighbours or friends, or perhaps a local theatre group, community centre or school which may find a use for it.