How to Decorate Your Child’s Room (Ages 3 to 12)


If you have been planning to use your love and creativity to decorate your child’s room, you must be ready to give it your all. It takes time to make the right choices in picking out furnishings, décor, and paint.


Since reasons for wanting a revamp for your kid’s room might vary from having more play area to encouraging study time, we have put together some decorative ideas you should consider trying out:



Decorate Your Child’s Room with a Variety of Colours


Colourful Decoration for Child's Room



Children are attracted to colourful and decorative items. In their formative years, they tend to identify more with primary colours.


Most of their toys, belongings, classrooms and party accessories are designed in either red, blue, yellow, or even lighter shades of these colours. This is because these colours capture their attention and sustain their interest.


This could be because of their bright and striking features, as they largely affect the general behaviour of children. So borrow this tip when you’re decorating your kid’s room.


For instance, while purple evokes a feeling of compassion and creativity which serves as a great paint choice, red might enhance agitation in kids so a calming colour like blue is best used as a decor option.

At Dulux Nigeria, we have a plethora of cool colours that are perfectly devised to meet your décor needs. We pride in a vast array of colour consultants spread across our various colour centres nationwide that will assist with blending colours that fit your class and style.


Explore Their Interest When You Decorate Your Child’s Room


Include Them When You Want to Decorate a Child's Room



For kids between the ages of 3-4, you may have to decorate using your own style from start to finish.


This necessarily isn’t the case for children that are 4 years and older, as they begin to develop an interest in different animated characters they watch on television and through the influence of other kids. As they grow older, their taste in colour and décor changes.


To decorate a room that would constantly pique your kid’s interest, ensure that you consult them concerning their colour choices, their favourite cartoon or video game characters before you embark on transforming their room.



Use Creative Art to Decorate Your Child’s Walls


Creative Wall Art to Decorate Your Child's Room



Limiting creativity in your child’s room decoration to only pretty and colourful bed covers and wall paint isn’t the way to go.


Wall arts are some of the décor options to consider for furnishing your kid’s space. Try out something your child can relate with like musical notes in different hues or a stack of small frames that make up a shark painting.


If your child also has crayon or pencil paintings, you can make a mural out of it or even a colourful chandelier! Dive deep into your creative repertoire and work up some magic.



Organise After Decorating!


Decorative Cabinets for a Child's Room


An important part of decorating your child’s room is paying keen attention to organizing your kid’s belongings accordingly.


There’s no use putting up all that décor and painting their room without strategically putting their stuff in the right places.


Storage spaces are also very necessary when decorating your kid’s room. You don’t want a pile of clutter everywhere after your décor and furnishing episode.


Remember, creativity is very important in your kid’s room organization, so don’t stick to being cliché. You can arrange books and rags dolls on the same shelf or even make a colour pattern out of placing luggage on one another.


Whichever way you choose to spin your style, ensure you come up with something customized to your kid’s taste.



Turn the Lights On


Most children ages tend to have a phobia for dark places, especially at nighttime so take this into consideration when decorating for your child. Illuminate your kid’s room with tiny fairy lights for girls or simply plain white lights for boys’ rooms.


Lights create a cool and welcoming ambience and have a calming effect on kids.


So, whether you need to put up decorative colourful lights on the ceiling or have table lamps at their bedsides for study, be sure to include lightings on your priority décor list.


Decorate Your Child’s Play Space


A Creative Play Space When You Decorate Your Child's Room



As much as you would like to concentrate solely on obvious areas in your kid’s room like the bed, walls, or the ceilings, endeavour to create a play space for your child when you decorate.


It is common knowledge that children within the ages of 3 to 12 love to either play with their dolls, do hide and seek with their friends or fall in love with computer games.


You can build a wooden open house with lots of colourful throw pillows and toys in it or design a virtual reality game hub all for the fun.


Children have a high tendency to outgrow certain kinds of décor as they grow older. To avoid redecorating annually, which isn’t cost-effective, choose wall paintings, colours, furnishings and décor that your little one can grow into.


Always remember to never restrict yourself while decorating your child’s room. Go the extra mile to achieve a unique décor outcome just for your lovely little one.