Experience Life in More Colours

To experience colour is to experience life. Life is like a box of crayons, full of colours with different perceptions and meanings that shape our everyday living.

Colours have played a significant role in our lives since the beginning of time. It’s a major factor in  visual representations, object recognition, aesthetics display, and enhancing the meaning of our messages.

All humans perceive things differently and colours are no exception. Joy, excitement, pain, anger, love, or celebration; each feeling comes with its own story and can be expressed with colours.

While some are known to affect our mood in a positive way, other colours may trigger the opposite feeling. Nevertheless, their importance cannot be over-emphasized in the world we live in.

Colours have been used extensively in various industries including art, fashion, product development, design, architecture, storytelling, home decoration, etc.

Experience Colour in Nature

From sunrise to sunset, we experience the variations of colour in the world around us. 

We learn to appreciate the significance of colours when we take a closer look at Mother Nature. The amazing views of the green grasses in the fields. The unending blues in the sky. The vibrant Mandarin fish in the ocean. The flamboyant feathers of the peacock or the black and white stripes on the zebra.

Colours and Brands

As an essential element of visual communication, corporate brands have used colours to present their brand messages. Logos, creative designs, visual illustrations, symbols, and product display are some core assets through which they express.

Consumers are consciously aware and can easily connect brand colours with their respective products or services. Therefore, a slight change in the visual element might cause a shift in the consumers’ minds whenever they come across these products.

This is the reason why brands usually take great care before settling for a particular colour to represent their brand identity.

Experience Colour in Food

In the fast-food industry, it’s believed that colours have psychological effects on the subconscious of customers. This concept has been used to subtly influence consumers’ decisions over the years. 

For example, red is often associated with the ability to stimulate appetite or hunger because it attracts attention. Yellow is likewise known as a colour of happiness and friendliness. A combination of these two evokes a feeling of warmth and satisfaction, thus instilling the desire in you to want to grab a bite.

Experience Colour in Signs

Everyday, all over the world, millions of people are trying to move around at the same time. This time, colours play yet another role in helping to direct and control the flow of vehicular movement in traffic lights.

For context, when the red light tells you to stop, simultaneously, there’s a green light on the other side of the road telling other drivers to move, and vice versa.

There’s Colour Everywhere

When used the right way, colours set the right tone for an occasion.

A great example is the fabulous colour themes at Nigerian weddings. The beauty of the party always comes to life in full splendour as guests grace the occasion with stunning attires in beautiful and cohesive colour combinations.

There is an infinite number of colours in the universe, thereby giving us the opportunity to experience life in colour. Colours often affect our mood and they are sometimes a reflection of our interests and self-expressions. 

It’s therefore little wonder that artists, fashion stylists or interior decors usually take advantage of this to help set the mood in distinct ways.

One of the best ways to communicate visually is through colours. Depending on the colour scheme, mood or ambience you’re looking to create, it is always important to know how to select the appropriate colours to achieve the right results.

Experience Colours at Home

In home decoration, colour remains a vital element as it serves as the overall piece that brings everything together.  

If you’re looking to do a makeover of your space without compromising on aesthetics, painting is a quick go-to. It’s a quick and easy way to create that refreshing experience with an overall unique transformation.

Whether you like it calm, comfortable or lively, colours are at your disposal to create the right atmosphere for you.

With Dulux paints, home owners and decorators are spoilt for choice with limitless colour options. This means you have access to the widest range of colour options to address all of your decorating needs.

Now that you have the power to choose, you can experience and express life in colour, just how you like it!