The Ultimate Washable and Tough Matt Paint

Made to ease the strain of daily stains on your interior walls

Introducing Dulux Easy Care.

When you’ve got yourself a Little Picasso at home, your walls will no doubt bear the brunt of their creativity. When you often have splashes of your stew or soup landing on the walls, you might be tempted to give up on having pretty, fresh-looking walls at home.

But we’ve got an easy cure for all that.

Dulux Easy Care is our new ultimate washable matt paint that protects your interior walls from stains and spills with its stain repellent technology. It is 20 times tougher than regular paint and makes handling messy spills easier.

We want you to worry less about the mess and enjoy the great moments.

The Ultimate Washable and Tough Matt Paint

Why Use Dulux Easy Care?

The Easy Care Innovation

The new Dulux Easy Care innovation is essential for every family that wants to keep their home looking pristine even through the mishaps and accidents of daily life. Water-based stains as well as oily stains like soup and stew stains are taken care of with our brilliant technology. It simply turns the stains into little beads that sit on top of the wall instead of sinking in, giving you the chance to wipe them off before they stick.

Tough Enough for You

There are high traffic areas in every home that need special care like kitchens, living rooms, and kids’ bedrooms. Dulux Easy Care is tough and long-lasting so that your walls don’t have to be. This allows for up to 15 years of resistance to those nasty stains.

Your Walls Can Stay Beautiful

With regular paint, wiping down can cause your appealing walls to fade and lose their shine. With Dulux Easy Care, you can trust that no matter how many times you wipe down your walls, they will continue to stay beautiful. That’s how powerful Dulux Easy Care is

Available in Multiple Colours In-Store

There’s a wide range of colours, from light to dark, in which you can get Dulux Easy Care. There’s bound to be something that suits you and your family just right.