Easy Care: The Ultimate Washable and Tough Matt Paint


Growing up as kids, especially during the early stages of learning numbers and alphabets, there was always the urge to scribble anywhere and everywhere. From the tables to the doors to fabrics, and even the walls were not left out.

Kids just want to scribble. To them, any plain surface is good enough. And why not? Learning is fun, especially when it looks like playing. And what better way to express what they’ve learned than to write and draw away on any surface they can lay their hands on. Even when it’s obvious that it’s going to leave so much of a mess, kids don’t care! They probably even love it!

Writing all over the house seems to give kids a sense of freedom which eventually increases their confidence and improves their learning process. To their fast growing minds, the walls in the house are just some kind of canvas where they can sketch their imaginations to depict their own beautiful world.

The Effect: Messy Walls at Home


These mini Picasso moments however leave a big mess that parents have to deal with by spending a lot of time cleaning up after their kids. And when the mess becomes too much to deal with or, most likely, when the walls begin to look less and less beautiful, repainting is the next option. And there’s always a cost to this because, really, one has to paint multiple times just to have interior walls maintaining beauty.

Asides from kid-generated stains on walls, another area of the house where walls suffer from stains are kitchens. Kitchen stains are largely unavoidable due to meal preparations that sometimes lead to spilling and splashing.

Angry woman looking at the wall covered with stains, spots and children drawings, EPS 8 vector illustration

Wall stains like oil, ketchup, stew, etc. can also be tough to get rid of. The longer they are left on any surface, the more difficult it is to clean them off. Even after the stickiness has been removed, there is usually still some discoloration left on the walls.


Introducing the Easy Care Ultimate Washable Matt Paint

As a leader in the quality paints industry in Nigeria, Dulux is constantly innovating in a way that makes a positive difference in our consumer’s lives, homes, and various spaces. Hence the launch of the Easy Care matt paint in Nigeria in 2022.

Dulux Easy Care is the ultimate washable matt paint that helps to keep your walls looking better for longer. With its stain-resist technology, it is 20 times tougher than the regular matt paint.

Part of the Easy Care innovation is a toughness that makes it very easy to remove stains without damaging the paint on the walls. This makes it perfect for living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, hallways, children’s rooms, classrooms, and pretty much any other space that’s susceptible to wear and tear.

Its unique stain-resistant technology helps it to repel everyday liquid stains like oil and soup spills, water colours, and ketchup. The technology works by turning the liquid stains into beads thereby making them easier to wash away. So no matter what gets thrown at your walls, you can trust the ultimate washable matt paint to keep your home looking its best for longer.


Why Use Easy Care Matt Paint?

Here are some more reasons why you can trust our most durable paint, Dulux Easy Care Washable and Tough:

• A worry-free solution to the daily wear and tear that plagues the walls in any busy and child-friendly home

• Being based in the interior resistance territory, it is all about allowing you to keep the spaces you’ve created the way you want them for longer periods of time

• While Dulux Easy Care is a washable paint, you don’t need to do much scrubbing. You can wipe away stains before they stick, making cleaning absolutely easy.

• Withstands cleaning (washing/wiping) to remove everyday dirt without leaving visible marks or leading to colours fading or walls peeling

• Most spills and stains can be removed with a soft, non-abrasive damp cleaning cloth. However for best results we recommend using a non-bleached based cleaner along with the soft, non-abrasive damp cloth to remove any marks.


Stains that Don’t Stand a Chance Against Easy Care


Water-based Stains

Stains like sink splash-backs, mud, pen ink, tea, coffee and fruit juice can be cleaned from your walls.

Oily Stains

Your kitchen walls are safe from cooking oils, stew and soup splashes, ketchup and other sauces.

How to Clean Your Easy Care Painted Walls

All kinds of stains go up on the walls on a daily basis, even when you paint with Easy Care. If you’ve got some scuffs or stains in your home, here are some easy steps to wipe them off:

First you need a sponge or cloth (as recommended above), liquid soap and water.

Before you use water or soap, pick a dry cloth and wipe away the excess dirt, liquid or oil from the stain.

Next, add a drop of soap to a damp sponge or cloth and wipe the stain away.

For stronger or older stains, try and wipe it several times by applying more pressure to clean off the stain.


Easy Care’s Coat of Many Colours

Dulux Easy Care Washable and Tough is available in different ranges of colours. This means you can now buy Easy Care in your favourite Dulux colours.


Buying Easy Care is Super Easy!

The Easy Care Washable and Tough Matt paint comes in packs of 1 litre, 5 litres and 20 litres. This paint has low odour which allows you to re-enter the room about 4 hours after painting. Nevertheless, it takes 7 days for Easy Care to cure on walls. There’s also a 15-year guarantee for your walls!

Looking to take Easy Care for a roll on your walls? You can buy it right here.

If you’d love the physical experience, take a walk into any of our colour centres near you today. Our colour centres are available in different states across the country.

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