Dulux Décor Tips

Dear reader, we’ve compiled 10 of our non-professional decor tips to share with you. If you’re a décor or home design enthusiast (and we suspect you are because you’re reading this), you’ll enjoy this read.

1. Create a Feature Wall

A feature wall or accent wall is an interior wall that has a different colour or design that the rest in the room.


We use a feature wall to make the liven up a space and sometimes to keep from monotony.

2. Make a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a section of wall which you decorate by hanging frames on – a lot of frames. 

They could be art frames or photo frames or even DIY frames you’ve made.

It’s a creative way to give yourself an accent wall without having to paint. And you can do it in a colour scheme, too!

3. Use Knick Knacks

Knick knacks are cute and quirky ornaments you can use to beautify your space. They can be miniatures, paperweights, souvenirs, diffusers, etc.

Using knick-knacks to beautify the home is one of the years-old décor tips that many households employ. That’s largely because most knick-knacks don’t typically cost a lot but they can be useful in giving your space a homely and welcoming feel. 

If you love travel and collecting keepsakes from various destinations, you can use them around your home in stylish ways.

4. Blend Beddings with Décor

This one is pretty easy but requires meticulous planning as you’d have to think carefully about your space and the colours you plan to use in your décor. However, if executed well, this could be the game-changer for your space. 

For example, if you plan to paint your walls dark brown and your ceiling white, you could invest in brown, beige, and white beddings. 

5. Paint Your Front Door

You could have a regular-looking front door that looks just like every other house or apartment…or you could have a spiffy front door that stands out according to your taste and makes your home irresistibly different. 

Plus, a spiffy front door is darn exciting. Especially when you paint with our Gloss. Talk about an attention-grabber! 

6. Be Creative with Your Ceilings

It wouldn’t do to look up at a bland ceiling when you’re in bed. 

Your ceilings are part of your space and you shouldn’t neglect them. Decorating your ceiling creatively could be what makes your space come alive, especially if you’re unsure about decorating your walls and floor space.

For example, you could install a fancy fan. Or hanging lamps with pretty designs. Or paint a pattern. Or a different colour than white.

Options abound and you can explore them with our consultants.

7. Plants, Oh, Plants!

This particular décor tip is here to stay. After all, they are inspired by nature. 

Whether you use real or artificial plants, they have a stunning effect. Plants bring the outside in, giving you a sense of the outdoors even if you’re sitting at your desk. 

They also lend an exotic feel to a space, especially when you use plants like Birds of Paradise and the like.

If you’re really into the green life, you could also create a miniature garden inside your home.

You just can’t go wrong with nature-inspired décor! 

8. Merge Tiles With Paint

This is a neat trick you can employ in your kitchen and/or bathroom. If you don’t want to tile from end-to-end and you don’t want to paint the entire space, just merge the two! 

Be sure to pick the right colours to match, though.

You can paint and tile in the exact same colour or you can use tiles with designs that match the colour of paint you choose.

9. Use Appropriate Lighting

You can have a well-designed space with everything in place and still look tacky for one reason: lights.

Lights are a major part of your design and you should consider them early on. Yellow lights work great for spaces designed with warm colours and earth tones and white lights make cool colours stand out. 

You can incorporate floor lamps and hanging lamps into your space and not just bulbs.

10. …and add Fancy Light Switches to Your Décor

Speaking of light, another way to upgrade your space is by using nice light switches. 

When we say nice, we mean real nice. Not every time regular. Find something creative that suits the rest of your décor.

Which of our décor tips have you tried before, and which ones will you be trying out soon? 

These are only a few of the home décor tips we’ve researched over the years so you can head over to our Instagram page to find more!