How to Decorate Your Teen’s Room


Decorating a teen’s room can be tricky…


…especially since, at that age and stage of growth, they tend to have unimaginable ideas on how they want their rooms to look.


Sometimes, the ideas may be very conflicting.


One day, they want to paint the walls all black. The next, they want dazzling colors both for the walls and furniture. Other times, they lean towards extremely eclectic décor styles.


For teens, experimenting with different décor ideas is a mirror of their shifting tastes. They like to explore a combination of textures and colours in an attempt to create something normally unobtainable.


This can sometimes be frustrating for parents as it’s important to incorporate your teen’s style into their room décor. However, you have to try to find what style works best for them at the time you’re decorating.


The goal is to create a haven where your teenage son or daughter can relax, do school work, and spend time with their friends during visits and sleepovers. Keep in mind, though, that you would have to decorate your teen’s room to be both practical and tasteful.


Decorating a teen’s room usually revolves around a few basic things. The selection and arrangement of furniture, colour of the walls, wall coverings such as posters and pictures, and display of favourite items. There will definitely be arguments and disagreements, so parents can lead by meeting their teen in the middle.


After you have considered this, the next thing is to set a budget for your decorating needs which may involve exploring economical ideas.


Here are some tips to follow while decorating your teen’s room:


Decorate with a Colour or Theme


Theme guide for decorating a teen's room


The first step in decorating is to pick colors and a theme for your teen’s room.


The tastes of teenage boys differs greatly from the tastes of teenage girls. This affects the colours they like and the things that interest them.


In seeking out colour inspiration, you can mix and match colours and ask your teen to pick their favourites. You should also check to be sure those colours match in paint and decorative ornaments.


With expert advice from Dulux consultants who are readily available at the Colour Centers and aesthetic photos of rooms with gorgeous colour schemes, you’ll be equipped to know where to start from.


Be sure to consider colours or themes that your teen will still like in a few months or even a few years.


Themes can include:


Retro: a décor style which is inspired by trends from the past. This style mostly has a fun and lively feel to it, and involves ideas with bright colors and classy designs.


Modern: It is a décor style with simple color palettes and employs a sense of simplicity in every element from the furniture to the paint colors.


Eclectic: This is a free and wild décor style which is not inspired by any trends from the past or in the present. It involves coming up with ideas that are out-of-the box. You can incorporate a funky mix of colors, textures, and patterns.


The minimalist style is more of functional design that incorporates neutral colors, empty spaces and focal points.


So you may lean toward neutral tones like coffee brown and grey for boys along with eclectic designs. Girls may prefer softer tones with retro or modern designs.


Paint or Paper the Walls


Wallpaper for a teen's room


The next step as you decorate your teen’s room should be painting the walls to give it a whole new feel. You can decide, in line with your theme, to paint the walls or put up temporary wallpaper. Or if your teen is going for a dark colour, it’s best to use it on an accent wall rather than for the entire room.


Explore as many colours and choices as possible. Don’t limit your choices to the common paint colour options; you have an endless range of options with Dulux. However, consider the durability and quality of the paint before you make a decision. If your teen is to like their room for a long time to come, you should invest in top quality products.



Create a Storage System When You Decorate


Decorative shelves for a teen's room


Teenagers own a lot of things! They have clothes, books, pictures, games, etc.


For this reason, it’s best to have a good storage system in place when you decorate your teen’s room. This will help them keep their things organized and well-arranged. Shelves add spice to the room as decorative items and at the same time, they keep the room tidy and uncluttered.


But it doesn’t necessarily have to be shelves. It can be a standing storage with a huge amount of space inside and nicely polished to suit the design of the room. And unlike drilling shelves into the wall, this is something that can be changed very easily.


Add Accessories to Complete the Look


Decorated teen room with music theme


To completely make the room pop, let the artistic focal point of their space come alive. Place accessories to complement the room. Hang  artwork around that resonates with your teen and add a vibe to the room.


Also, strategically display meaningful items such as pots of flowers and collectibles on shelves and cabinets.


You can also revamp old lampshades with fabric, fringe, or tassels. Substitute old beddings with new ones to give a new look to your teen’s bed. You could also make the space look cool with wall hangings, framed pictures, or any other wall décor.


We wish you a fun time and hope you teen’s room décor comes out great!