Decorating Your Home Vintage Style


Do vintage-style homes fascinate you?


Do retro designs and vibes conjure up nostalgic memories in you?


Ever imagined living in a home created just the way it was in the mid-20th century?


The past in itself is alluring. This is why it’s reflecting obsessively in our style even to the way we decorate our homes. It is a phenomena where we take references from the past to make a statement for the now.


Vintage has become a fad that is now fused into our modern style. It seems to be the craze of the moment.


What’s a Vintage Décor Style?


Dated decorations, aka vintage, are styles influenced by trends in the past.


Any era from the past is considered retro. It could be from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Generally, retro usually has a fun, lively feel to it, either with bright colours or wild designs, and an overall sense of richer colours.


Vintage home décor mostly revolves around luscious elements and surprising combinations, and also encompasses intricate detailing and finishes to give a home a rich, regal, layered look. It however, can also be described as a charmingly old-fashioned style of décor.


Creating a Vintage Home


A Vintage Day room


Unlike the modern décor style, vintage is an unconventional  approach to interior design.


While decorating trends may change, traditional living spaces will always be in style. Retro has stood the test of time for one simple reason—it’s classy.


Vintage styles are defined by elegant shapes, refined textiles, and a charmingly predictable sense of order. In fact, it’s a fascinating conjunction of the past with depth of history and the present with its charm of modernity.


Whether you want your space to give off a vintage-dominating vibe with a few contemporary pieces, or you want it to reflect  on everything in your space, here is how you can create a vintage home:


Find Inspiration


Before you get down to decorating, open your mind to the possibilities of what can come of the style you would like to incorporate into your home. Seek inspiration from everywhere and anywhere that sparks a vintage charm for you.


You can judiciously use the Dulux inspiration tab to find how to create the ideas you have imagined before now. Also, focus on practical items that will add comfort and style to your new home.



Blend the Old With the New


Retro living room with vintage feel


When designing your new home, you can decide to mix vintage and modern elements. Elements that help capture a specific feeling, while also being in tune with modernity.


When mixing and matching modern and traditional design elements, for instance, if you can choose a contemporary sofa, and then decide on dated decorations that can add key accents.

A statement lamp, an antique glass-fronted cabinet, or a vintage-style coffee table are enough to turn a boring living room into something aesthetically alluring. Or alternatively, you could find an ornate item that’s done in a trendy colour or finish.


Set Off a Vintage Vibe in Your Bedroom


Vintage style bedroom


Explore colours like high contrast colours, especially in your bedroom.


You can seek expert colour advice from Dulux Colour Centres or colour consultants. This is to help you get a hang of the suitable colors you think are obtainable from the preferred period you wish to recreate in your space.


You can also use the colour palettes to find colours that you think will add that retro vibe you want in your room.


Using textiles like an upholstered headboard made from velvet, you can bring a taste of retro styling into your bedroom. Add some accent décor with pops of colour in throw pillows, shag rugs and an eye-popping wall of color.


Cement the Vintage Feel with Antiques



Antique mirror in a vintage entryway


Antiques can really cement that vintage feel in any home. It does not matter which era is your favorite, you can find antiques that add that feel to your space. Use antiques to create a focal point for your home.


You can consider allowing a vintage dining table, accent chair or bed frame to take the center attention of the space.


You can decide on decorative items like a sunburst mirror or piece of wall art to help carry the room. Even a well-kept rug is also a good option. Floating fixtures, particularly those made of wood, can also give your space a kind of staple mid-century home vibe. It all depends on what you want to achieve, and the era you seek to bring to life.


Creating interiors that are reminiscent of the past can be draining.


Decorating a home is an emotional roller coaster, more so when designing with a slant away from the modern. You might experience difficulties acquiring the décor elements you need in your area. There may also be financial difficulties involved.


However, you can still come away with magical results if you plan right (and ahead), do your research, and commit to enjoying every step of the process.