Do More With Less: How to Decorate Your Home With Fewer Elements

If you are looking for creative inspiration on how to decorate your home with fewer elements, then you’re in luck – because we’ve got just the right design tips for you. 


With so many design trends taking the minimalist approach, there is no better time to go less on your décor style than now, while still maintaining an overall sleek look. 


So if you are feeling the “Less is more” vibe, here are 5 minimalist ways on how to decorate your home with few elements. 


1. Declutter Before you Decorate Your Home


When it's time to decorate your home, ensure that you declutter. Decluttering your space is life-changing as it gives you more room to move around and enjoy your space.
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The first rule of the game when you plan to decorate your home is to reduce the number of unnecessary items flying around to free up some space. 


Look around and remove random objects that have made their way out of their normal places – such as shoes, books, bags, empty cups, before you start to decorate your home.


Give them out if you must and keep only the essential items on your tables, shelves, and counters.


Feel free to be a little thorough, as this process allows you to organize and prioritize accordingly while maintaining a good form of sanity in your living environment. 


Quieting the noise also helps to give that satisfying impression of more space with a new look of fresh breath.


2. Get a versatile storage


Decorating your home can be difficult without a storage facility. It is important that you have a versatile storage where you can keep your belongings.
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So you’ve managed to clear off a number of items as you decorate your home right? However, there’s still some important “stuff” you simply can’t get rid of. So where do you keep these things? 


This is where you invest in a good cabinet. In order to reduce the excess clutter, it’s always a good idea to get a versatile storage chest that serves as a functional store to house your different household items – and also doubles as a place to display decorative objects such as flower vases and picture frames. 


This gives you that small extra room to fill up those special items you want to keep out of sight. 


Cabinets come in various shapes, sizes, and designs and they can be placed at different positions in your home including the kitchen, sitting room or bedroom, so you have varieties of options to choose from when next you go shopping.



3. Go for a quality centerpiece


A unique centerpiece is essential when decorating your home.
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A good centerpiece goes a long way to enhance the general aesthetics of your living area – that’s why a beautiful sofa never goes out of style. 


So when you need to decorate your home, go for a piece of well-crafted furniture with fine cushioning, as this will bring a perfect blend of serene comfort with a touch of modern flair. 


Look out for a sofa (with colour or design) that complements the ambient theme of your living room and make the most of it by indulging yourself while watching your favourite TV show. 


You can also host your guests to an entertaining chat on a nice Saturday afternoon. Either way you choose to go, a good sofa is sure to make your days and nights comfortable and cozy. 


4. Bring in Nature to Decorate Your Home


Bring nature into your home by adding a plant or two. Plants are a great way to decorate your minimalist home
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One of the easiest ways to decorate your home is by adding green plants into the mix to create memorable moments. 


Not only does this liven up a minimalist-inspired space, it also boosts the natural ambience of the room. Plants are a great way of incorporating a dash of greenery and soft vibrancy to your interior design.


They have a natural way of bringing some level of freshness to the atmosphere, and there’s this feel-good feeling that comes with their presence in your home or office space.


However, it is important to note the difference between real plants and artificial plants. While real plants have their health benefits, artificial plants are more known for their aesthetic appeal. 


Nevertheless, both plants are ideal décor elements for your desktop or shelves. They can also be placed at the corner of your room. Keep this in mind when next you’re heading out to your local florist. 


5. Say yes to wall frames


Are you looking for ways to decorate your home with fewer elements? One way to achieve this is to decorate your home with wall frames. Wall frames are a creative way to boost the appearance of your walls.
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You can decorate your home in a minimalist way and it wouldn’t be boring. A gallery art piece is a creative way of drawing attention while telling an impactful story amidst your entire design theme. 


So go bold and make a beautiful statement on your walls with a pop of art that stands out.


When trying to do more with less, we strongly believe that each element should serve a purpose and complement each other. The aim is to carefully curate your décor elements while bringing your sense of expression to life. 


Take advantage of the simplicity of minimalist design  and reimagine your space to create an all round cohesive design experience.


Ultimately, it’s important to always decorate your home with only your favourite pieces, thus creating a special space you love and can find solace in.