Colours can help reduce stress.

How Colours Can Help Reduce Stress

Do you feel calm and relaxed when in a room painted with certain colours and feel anxious with others?  This is so because some colours have a calming effect on our mood, thereby helping to reduce stress. 


In this article, we will find out how colours can help reduce stress and the colours that have this ability. 


Colours and Stress 



Why is colour such a force in our emotions? What ways does it affect our bodies and minds? 


Although we all have different perceptions of colours, colours connote meaning. There are colours that affect mood, but different shades of these colours play different roles in how we feel. Among these colours, more than one can play the same role in reducing stress. 


It is important to note that some of these colours can also stimulate feelings not related to stress reduction. For the purpose of this topic, we will focus only on how they can help reduce stress. 


In the colour spectrum, those in the red area are known as warm colors. They include yellow, red and orange. These colors incite emotions, feelings of comfort and warmth. 


Yellow is thought to represent hope, Joy and optimism. It inspires a cheerful and bright attitude, it is therefore recommended for stress management as a result of its ability to stimulate a positive feeling. 


Those on the blue side of the spectrum, are regarded as cool colours, and they can be described as calm colours. They include purple, green and blue. Blue and green can be relaxing. 


Green is described as an emotionally calming colour and it represents harmony. Blue is calming to the extent that it can decrease blood pressure. 


According to studies, people exposed to more green surroundings, whether indoor or outdoor spaces enjoy improved mental and physical health. 


In a research carried out in Europe on how spending time in green spaces affects those in the city, researchers discovered that those who make frequent visits to green spaces on purpose had higher vitality and better emotional well-being. 


In the US, Researchers at Michigan State University conducted a study on how colours can help reduce stress. They found that viewing pure blue sea or ocean can help improve stress. 


How Colours Can Help Reduce Stress 


The technique of using colour as a stress management tool is a new one. This technique provides an interesting perspective on managing stress in everyday life. 


Your choice of colour can play a significant role on how well you can handle stress.  As strange as it may sound, this approach is not a myth since there is scientific evidence to back it up.


One reason colour may have been added to stress management could be because colours affect our five senses. This in turn has an effect on our health. 


It is therefore important that you surround yourself with colours that will help you enjoy a stress free life. 



Blues and Blue-Greens Can Help Reduce Stress


The colour blue aids anxiety management


Blue paint colours are calm and peaceful. They can as well reduce your anxiety, lower blood pressure and slow heart rate. 


To get the best calming effect in your sitting room, bedroom, or other space of relaxation, go for a soft quiet shade. 


Also, blue-green are great choices for a stress-free atmosphere.



Lavender Has a Relaxing Effect


The colour lavender has a relaxing effect


This colour has a blue root, so it’s not surprising that lavender has a relaxing effect. When picking a paint in the hues of lavender, go for a shade that’s muted, with less black in it.


Also, lilac or soft violet works equally for stress-relief.



Greens For Stress-Relief



Light and dark greens are among colours with higher levels of stress-relieving effects. Both shades are quiet and restful colours. 


This quality could be a result of their closeness to nature and how they make us think of nature, since relaxing in a natural environment has been proven to decrease stress and boost happiness. 


Also, green paints with pale yellow or beige undertones are regarded as the most stress-relieving hues.



Soft Pinks Can Help Relieve Stress


Pink is not just a pretty colour, it is also a stress-relieving colour.


When choosing pink paint for stress relief, don’t go for fuchsia or shades of pink that are almost red. These ones can increase your stress levels. 


Go for shades like soft dusty pink. They have a higher level of white and are peaceful and calm. Choose Pastel pinks that are calm and cool like the millennial pink and baby pink.



Whites Can Reduce Stress


White paints are not just for making your small space look and feel huge, they can also help you feel calm and peaceful


As surprising as may sound, whites can be calming too. In a study by Michigan State University, it was found that white rooms can reduce stress. 


Please note that different hues of white bring out different reactions in people. For a calming effect, use clean, bright white colours. Don’t use dull paints or whites with dark, moody undertones. 


Now that you know what colours can help reduce stress, use the opportunity to make a better choice on what colours to use for your personal space, especially in situations you have control over, like the choice of colours for your home, office and other personal spaces. 


Visit places with these colours often, whether man-made or natural surroundings. This choice of colours can also reflect in the colour of clothes you wear. Putting all these in proper check can help you in stress management.