Explore Our Colour Palette

See what a nice neutral background like the Silver Trophy can do for an upbeat mix of colours.

Let your bedroom look something like serenity, patience, and the outdoors with a basic mix of neutrals. First, begin the journey with Malt Chocolate.

With the rusty Soft Stone and Pale Morel as a base, you can recreate anything rustic. Make your space a welcome solace this way.

Decorate the perfect day room for your family – the kids can play and relax here, and so can you! Mix it up with National Green and the Moroccan Flame.

Even bathrooms can have perfect colours. Make it memorable with something like Ice Blue.

A lighthearted environment decorated with colours like Mint Icing and Lemon Zest is always great for the kids. Study, play, relax all in one place.

Serendipity may just look like a Rose Petal and Sea Blue. Neutrals and cool colours thrown together to achieve perfect balance.

If you want it to be pristine, looking as cool as ice, go for this neutral, Cornflower White.

Enjoy your work time when you have walls in Blissful Blue to inspire you.

When your kitchen walls rep Eko Blue, even doing dishes will be fun!

Something green, something natural. Have it all with Richmond Green.

How much calmer can things get with Warm Teal?