Blend greens for a calm study space

Take décor inspiration from the glorious greens of nature.

Bring in the colours of the great outdoors

An inspiring place to work at home is vital to being productive. The secret to study success is to create a space that is both calm and energising.

Inspired by the natural landscape, these greens, browns and neutrals complement each other beautifully. This muted colour palette of rich greens and browns exudes a sense of tranquility, helping to create calm and productive environment, while the peacock green ceiling adds a pop of unexpected drama.

Create zones to stay organised

To help keep the décor space clean and clutter-free, you might like to make distinct zones for different tasks, such as an area for creative, hands-on activities, a comfortable chair to relax in with a good book and a space for your desk and computer.

Add accessories in natural materials

To continue the natural colour theme, you might like to add wooden furniture and accessories in natural materials, such as tweed, wool and leather. De-clutter your desk, but surround it with inspiring pictures and useful stationery stored in elegant pots. Then sit back, relax and let your creativity flow.